Tioga Pass at SR 120Back Country Skiing
Tioga Pass
   Feb 7-10, 1997
Many thanks to Paul and Laura for guiding me through this wonderful experience.
They are the best friends anyone could ever ask for!

I recently had my first back country skiing experience at the Tioga Pass Winter Resort (TPWR). The Lodge is located in the High Sierras (9,645 ft) on State Route 120 about 2 miles from the eastern boundary of Yosemite National Park.Brad, Cindy & Laura at SR120 Snow LineSR120 is closed for the winter and guests of  TPWR must ski from the snow line to the lodge (4-6 miles). Our group consisted of six people(Paul, Laura, Cindy, Mike, Sally and Brad "Me" ). Paul, Laura, Cindy and myself left the south bay at 10am  (2/6) for the town of Bishop. We met Brian, Vicki and Debbie for dinner at Whiskey Creek (on their way to Mammoth Mtn.).Lunch on SR120Sally met us during dinner and introduced us to a very interesting mountaineer named Kurt. Friday morning we headed out to the Tioga Pass Gate on SR120 (about 2 miles from Lee Vining, Ca.). Mike met us at the gate where we would connect with the TPWR crew at 10am to take us to the snow line (1.5 miles up the 6 mile road).Tioga Pass Winter ResortFrom the snow line, we would ski up the road (4.5 miles 2000 ft up) to the lodge.  At the lodge, we were met by Bob, Claudette and the rest of their clan. The food is fantastic and the ambiance is like family (one that you like). I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed the experience.


Heading to Tioga Lake
SR120 heading to Tioga Lake
Tioga Lake
Tioga Lake
Paul, Laura, Cindy & Brad
Paul, Laura, Cindy & Brad
East Yosemite Border
Sally, Cindy, Brad, Laura, Paul & Mike Toasing at the East Yosemite Gate
Brad at East Yosemite Gate
Brad (me) on SR120 heading to the East Yosemite Gate
Laura at Lodge
Laura doing her thing at the Lodge
Paul on Snow Field
Paul takes a side trip in the field
Cindy at East Yosemite Gate
Cindy at the East Yosemite Gate
Paul & Laura
Paul & Laura

Dakota & Hayden
Laura, Cindy 7 Murphy
Laura, Cindy & Murphy
The Gang
Laura, Paul, Brad, Sally,
Cindy & Mike (and Murphy)
Brad in cabin
Yes, it's snowing outside!
Paul Sunning
Paul taking in the afternoon sun!
Relaxing at the lodge
Relaxing in the lodge
The Lodge
Talk about comfort!
Ellery Lake
Laura, Paul, Mike, Cindy & Brad at Ellery Lake
Cindy heading down the mountain
Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers (look close)
Valley View
Valley View
Paul & Cindy
Paul & Cindy after her tumble
(Cindy broke he leg here)
Homeward Bound
SR120 to Ellery Lake
Tioga Pass
Tioga Pass SR120

Cindy broke her fibula (in 2 places)
on the way down the mountain
The most enjoyable experience that anyone could ever expect. 

YES..  My butt is COLD
For additional information, including reservations, contact:
Tioga Pass Winter Resort
PO Box 307
Lee Vining, CA 93541
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